Original intent

The Founders clearly intended us to be a nation of limited government. Hence the brilliant scheme whereby three co-equal branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, can exert checks and balances on one another. That’s the intent, and, often, that’s the result.

You can tell by who whines the most about a “gridlocked government” that they tend to believe government is the solution to all problems. Unfortunately, this includes many Republicans as well as most Democrats. Those of us who know that government very often does not solve the problem, but is the problem, are quite comfortable with a government that is gridlocked.

The personification of the two schools of thought, limited government vs. unbound government, are James Madison and Woodrow Wilson, respectively. By a quirk of fate, both men were Virginians, although Wilson was born of parents from Ohio. That’s not the problem with Wilson, of course. The problem is that Wilson is the embodiment of “progressivism,” the notion that all aspects of life can and should be controlled by government.

George Will lays out the important distinctions between liberty and the progressives’ notion that all change is good if it increases government. In B.H. Obama, we have an unreconstructed progressive, a college debater who has never done any real work, attempting to complete the government takeover of every aspect of our lives.

Liberty demands he be stopped.


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