Y’all just don’t understand us…

This is the kind of cringe-inducing moment that Southerners learn to live with. Back in the day, before I moved up to Virginia (yes, up to Virginia), I lived in Louisiana. Loved it, and in many ways miss living in the Real South. Note the caps; folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama consider themselves the Real South, with the rest of us living in formerly Confederate states being mere poseurs…

Anyway, back in the day, white Southerners would refer to virtually anyone with a foreign-sounding name who was darker than an oil-rigger’s sunburn as a “raghead.” Since New Orleans got a lot of oil business visitors, it also was not that unusual to see Arab businessmen, often wearing a suit with that deal on top of their heads.

That deal that we locals called “rag-and-a-fanbelt.” Yes, and we also stood whenever the band played Dixie in the bars. Which used to be every single night before they’d perform. My, how times change. Southerners now know not to do that kind of stuff, at least out in public.

But there are still some of us for whom Reconstruction did not take. Case in point is one South Carolina State Senator Jake Knotts, who, according to CNN*, had this to say about Nikki Haley, a Republican primary candidate for governor:

We already got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion.

Ms Haley is of Sikh ancestry, and, yes, practicing Sikhs, which Haley is not, do wear turbans.

That ‘ol boy Knotts is just a barrel full of laughs, he is.

* Yes, a questionable source, but it appears to be true


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