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Red State’s Caleb Howe sums up, in a Tweet, Obama’s deer-in-the-headlights speech last night thusly:

Let me be clear. Some oil spilled. But Katrina. And make no mistake. I’m having meetings. In conclusion, something about China. Windmills!

And there you have it. Actually, an even shorter summary would be: “BP bad! Cap-and-Trade good!” In best Animal Farm style, of course…

But wait, there’s more! Since every speech by Obama is an infomercial for Brand Obama, just thought I’d throw that in. On a serious note, Obama falsely stated that we don’t have anywhere to drill for oil. This is a lie. What is true is that Obama has chosen to forbid drilling in relatively shallow (and therefore safer) waters off the Atlantic, Pacific, and Alaska.

We’ve got plenty of oil. All we need is the will to get it. That will is lacking in Obama and his administration. As a result, we become ever more reliant on foreign sources, which are not as safe as our offshore drilling. Not to mention continuing to pour American money into the hands of the vile Saudis, Hugo Chavez and his merry band of thugs in Venezuela, etc. etc. But hey, what can I, the president, do? It’s Bush-Cheney-Halliburton-BP’s fault.

So, says the Whiner-in-Chief. Whatever can I do now? I know. Let’s tax energy even more, that will add jobs…to my tax collecting staff.


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