Karma’s a bitch

The libertarian-leaning Spiked has a bit of Brit truth-telling up. Seems someone has noticed that our president is a talker, not a doer. Worse, when little O talks, even some of his leftazoid base can’t take him at face value. Actual Americans long ago should have stopped expecting truth from this community organizer.

Fairness dictates that we not expect government to be able to do everything. Yet the Democrats in power set the stage for blaming Obama for every dead pelican two ways: One, by claiming to be in charge of an event they’ve no expertise in, and, two, by raising a false flag of holding the previous administration to task for an event totally beyond the control of mere politicians. From Spiked:

Expectations of the government’s, and the president’s, role have changed. In the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in 1989, President George H W Bush was not pressured to take the lead; indeed, he never travelled to the site. You could say Obama’s current woes are a case of Karma is a bitch: it was Democrats, including Obama, who argued that President George W Bush should be held responsible for the desultory Katrina relief; now Obama is suffering from that same expectation.

I agree entirely that the federal government should not have been held accountable for errors by BP. But the stupids in charge, including Obama, foolishly claimed otherwise. Fine. Have at it, fellas.

Oh, but don’t we know that Steven Chu has a Nobel Prize? He’s brilliant; surely he’ll fix it if the golfer-in-chief can’t kick enough ass. Oh, you mean Chu knows nothing about actual world things like oil drilling? Hey, how hard can it be…


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