HRC in 2012?

It may be way too early to write Obama off, but consider this from Mark Steyn at the end of a piece taking Obama to task for being a dithering do-nothing:

Memo to Secretary [Hillary] Rodham Clinton: Do you find yourself of a quiet evening with a strange craving for chicken dinners and county fairs in Iowa and New Hampshire, maybe next summer? Need one of those relaunch books to explain why you’re getting back in the game in your country’s hour of need?

“It Takes a Spillage.”

Cute. Yet there’s quite a grain of truth in the notion of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee in 2012. For openers, she’s considered competent. Obama is anything but in matters of governance. However, he was aces in getting himself promoted, and his strength was in getting folks to ignore his background.

That trick could work again. There’s a lot of stupid people out there, who voted for Obama and believed the hopey-changey crap. They could believe that he’d been a success in economic and foreign policy, as well. As Mr. Barnum said, “there’s one born every minute.”


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