One or the other

GEN Stanley McChrystal’s remarks as reported by the Wall Street Journal on the feckless Obama and his minions were on the money. McChrystal and some unnamed aides were critical of Vice President Biden, ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, and, gasp, the community-organizer-in-chief.

“Off with his head!” screeches The One, and his servile minions continue their hunt for diversions from Obama’s incompetence and ideology. So, in best Washington fashion, the general will be sent to the woodshed, and, quite probably, fired.

The criticisms McChrystal made were, for the most part, valid. What was wrong was his going public with them. For this alone, he should be cashiered. However, there is something worse than blabbing what should have been kept under wraps: McChrystal denied believing what he ought not have said in the first place.

Military men are often highly critical of the civilian “leadership.” This hasn’t changed since Roman centurions used to bitch about that pansy Caesar. But, hey, general: stand by what you said. Apologize for having said things out of school. Never, ever, back down from what you believe.

McChrystal criticized Obama and his minions in public for being poor leaders and for not being prepared to fight a war. Bad form. McChrystal then said this in his apology:

I have enormous respect and admiration for President Obama and his national security team

So, general, which is it? Is Obama a worthy wartime leader, or not? Or do you “have enormous respect and admiration” for a bad leader? Can’t have it both ways.


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