“Should we all be awarded Nobel prizes for not raping?”

Lech Walesa of Poland is one of those few men (or women) without whom the Soviet Union would have lasted far longer than it did. There is a marvelous profile of him, done by Jay Nordlinger, in the June 21, 2010 issue (p.26). From the article, this on Mikhail Gorbachev, the fella that the Left believes brought an end to the Soviet Union all by his lonesome:

I ask Walesa what he thinks of the 1990 [Nobel peace] prize—which went to Mikhail Gorbachev. Chuckling, he says, “I think we can debate it.” He then says, “I’m certainly very fond of Gorbachev, and I respect him. But you should ask him the two questions I always ask him.” First, Walesa asks, “Did you betray Communism? Are you a traitor to Communist ideology? Gorbachev says, “No, of course not.”

Then Walesa says, “Okay. But you’re a bright guy. Did you really believe it was possible to reform Communism?” And that, says Walesa, “really pisses him off.” He “gets all redfaced and angry at me.” And he doesn’t answer.

Walesa says, “Gorbachev tried to reform the Communist system and failed. If he had succeeded, I’m the one who would have failed. So we were all very happy that he failed, and if they wanted to give him the Nobel prize for his failure? That was fine with us. He failed, he got the Nobel prize—everyone was happy.”

And we should also consider this, says Walesa: Gorbachev “had the instruments of rape, and he did not use them.” In other words, he had the brute power to suppress rebellion, as his predecessors had, and refrained from using it. “Every male has the instrument of rape,” continues Walesa. “Should we all be awarded Nobel prizes for not raping?”

Gorbachev is an unreformed dictator; he did what he needed to do to avoid armed rebellion and thousands of casualties within Mother Russia. In person, we are told that Gorbachev is charming, and knows which fork to use at state dinners. Isn’t that nice: for a man who supported and led a system of mass murder, he doesn’t smell that bad.

Never forget that it took brave men like Lech Walesa, willing to risk their lives in the name of freedom. Without Lech Walesa, without Ronald Reagan, without Pope John Paul II, without Margaret Thatcher, and no small number of Soviet and other captive nation dissidents, there might still be a Soviet Union.

Today we merely have uninformed folks, and those with a leftist agenda, telling us what a peace-loving man Mikhail Gorbachev was, and is. Don’t believe it. He’s just a failed communist leader, a would-be rapist who got caught in the act by the cops: Reagan, John Paul II, Walesa, et.al.

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