Religion of pieces

Elena Kagan, who may or may not play softball*, is a lefty’s lefty. No surprise that she was nominated by our lefty president. Elections matter, as they say. Andrew McCarthy has a piece up at NRO detailing Kagan’s support for sharia studies at Harvard.

In glaring contrast to her treatment of the United States military, of course. But hey, they’re the real threat to world peace, not Islamic law. Here’s what McCarthy reminds us about sharia and Islam:

To hear progressives tell it, we can do nice, clean, friendly sharia, just like we do nice, clean, friendly Islam. “Lapidations,” they will tell you, are no different from jihadist suicide bombings: outmoded vestiges of a long-forgotten time. Except they’re not. They are undeniably rooted in Islamic scripture, and they are happening today, with frequency, wherever sharia reigns. That is because the “moderate Islam” progressives like to banter about is a mirage in search of a cogent set of principles. There is no moderate Islam that can compete with the mainstream, sharia Islam. Thus the crimes and punishments, in all their ghoulishness, endure.

By way of example, McCarthy serves up a woman in Iran who is sentenced to be stoned to death for the alleged crime of adultery. That’s sharia; that’s the form of law sought by Islam. Over there. And here.

Will Islam succeed in doing so? Only if we surrender before we can even bring ourselves to admit what the enemy is, and what it is about.

*“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

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