HRC in 2012, part II

First Mark Steyn, in kind of a throw-away line, suggested that Hillary Rodham Clinton might challenge Obama for the 2012 Dem nomination. Now Bernard Goldberg makes this bold statement:

I am predicting right here, right now, that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2012 – yes 2012 — challenging President Obama for their party’s nomination.

Goldberg backs this up with logic, with reasons why Obama is a failed president. Something that objective observers already knew. And should have been able to predict before the 2008 election.

As conservatives, our fondest desire at this time is to see Obama go down to defeat in 2012. If that happens during the primaries, so much the better. Internecine warfare among the Democrats will help elect a Republican. A fiscally conservative Republican, one may hope.

Stated differently, no Obama, very few black votes. They stay home, as they had done in most national elections. Likewise, many race-guilty whites who are not doctrinaire liberals will wake up from their Obama Kool Aid trance, and either vote Republican or stay home.

Either way, this translates to a much easier path to Mitt Romney’s victory. Or Mitch Daniels. Or virtually any Republican now being mentioned, any of whom is much, much more qualified to be president now than B.H. Obama is after 18 months in office.


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