Fellow Crackers…

…Join with me or you’ll be nothing but crumbs. Speaking of crumbs, the official ObamaState approach to racism is that it can only be against blacks, Hispanics, and, possibly, gays. Unless any members of these groups happens to be conservative. In which case, by definition of the Left, they become honorary crackers and legitimate targets of racist abuse.

Obama and his lefty minions in the Justice Department are willfully blind to racism when it comes from agitators who happen to share skin color with Obama and Holder. Not that there’s anything wrong with being black and prejudiced…oh, right. There is something wrong. And it’s a huge something.

We know that Obama and his minions are about power, not about being Americans. Stated differently: it is blatantly unamerican to be willfully blind to racial violence and intimidation. Unless it comes from a white man, in which case it’s Katy-bar-the-door, the Klan is rising.


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