‘Fidel Is Wonderful’

Thus sayeth a “man” who ought to be sentenced to spend the rest of his rodent life in one of Cuba’s prisons for political dissidents. A former State Department official, this piece of human garbage appears to be all-too-typical of limousine liberals: affluent whites who love dictatorships. But only, of course, if those dictatorships are anti-American.

From today’s Wall Street Journal, the story is headlined “Spy for Cuba, Unrepentant, Gets Life.” It is hard to imagine how someone smart enough to graduate grade school, let alone gain employment at our State Department, would be stupid (not ignorant; that can be fixed) enough to admire Castro’s gulag.

In the beginning, Fidel Castro might easily have been mistaken for a Cuban patriot, one who liberated the country from the corrupt dictator Fulgencio Batista. That did not last long, as Fidel was a much worse tyrant. And the communist tyranny he imposed on Cuba has reduced that Island to one of the poorest nations in the world.

But, hey, if Fidel hated America, that was probably sufficient all by itself for traitors such as this sack of meat to love him. Any notion that the convicted spies did not hate America is nonsense, plain and simple. You don’t spy on your native land, and give away secrets to a communist tyranny, if you have the slightest regard for your nation.

Perhaps the prosecutor said it best:

Prosecutor Gordon Harvey described the couple as “traitors.” If they loved the Cuban people so much, Mr. Harvey said, why didn’t Mr. Myers just donate his wealth to the underprivileged there? They admired the Castro revolution, but didn’t defect because they only wanted to admire the revolution “from a safe distance,” Mr. Harvey said.

One can only wish that this couple suffer for the remainder of their lives. Perhaps God may forgive them, if they repent.

This appears to not be at all likely. Enjoy the prison ambiance, human filth.


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