Just plain hypocrites

Obama and his family, that is. Enjoying, at our expense, vacations at places that most of us can’t afford to go. The latest sojourn up in Maine, eating ice cream, relaxing, using private jets (yes, plural). Ignoring the Gulf Coast. But, hey, it’s sooo darn hot down there in July; give a guy a break, won’t ya?

Look, presidents have hellish jobs. This president, our mistake, is spectacularly unprepared for the onerous tasks of governance. The stress is telling: I noticed that the Numinous One now has grey in his hair. It’s hard redistributing wealth, people. A man needs a break.

Turns out that all recent presidents have abused the public by traveling with their huge entourages, ordering citizens to make way for the king and queen. Not just the Obamas, of course. But — since we are in the middle of a major recession, with many millions out of work and many more millions underemployed, should not our “leader” set an example of tightening the belt?

It gets worse. Not only have the Obamas ostentatiously vacationed in the whitest of places instead of providing a leadership presence on the Gulf, they had a separate jet for the family dog, who was accompanied by Obama’s “personal aide.” What is this, the reign of Louis XVI?

For Democrats like Obama, it’s damn the rich. But by all means let’s enjoy the fruits of their labors. Which soft-hands Barry had zero part in helping create.


2 thoughts on “Just plain hypocrites

  1. How much is that doggie in the separate jet taxpayer paid for window, the one with the personal aide taxpayer paid for tail costing the taxpayer…………..

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