Worth waiting for?

I’m in Manhattan for a few days, and, as I usually do when in New York, I took my a.m. walkabout in Central Park. Today I came across dozens, if not hundreds of people camped out; most appeared to have been there overnight, it having been 7:30 in the morning.

Asking one of the urban campers what’s going on, it wasn’t that the city was giving away free drugs. No. They were camping, waiting, sweating (it’s going to be 91 in the city today) for…Shakespeare in the Park. Which, tonight, will, according to my informant, star Al Pacino, and will start at 8pm.

There you have it. New Yorkers, willing to camp out for many, many, hours, for the chance to see Shakespeare. I kept my true thoughts to myself, and wished the man well, hoping that he would enjoy the performance.

The one word that I did think of but did not utter? Stupid. As in, boy, is it ever stupid to camp out in hostile territory (the Park is not especially safe at night). But, hey, they were going to get to see a “free” play. Tonight’s offering happens to be the Merchant of Venice, which I’ve seen two or three times, and, well, sorry, it’s just not worth not sleeping for two days.

Some “free” things are just not worth the price.


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