Irrational fear

Riding on the MTA, New York’s subway, there’s a nifty ad warning the public about toy guns. Yes, that’s right folks – toy guns. Also real guns, of course.

New York City has, for decades, attempted to completely ban guns from within its borders. Thereby virtually assuring that the only guns not in the hands of police or other security forces would be in the hands of criminals. To be fair, New York has, through diligent and deft police work, made the city relatively safe.

The operative word is “relatively.” For a big city. Hey, it’s not like New York is Detroit or Oakland or some other third-world craphole that happens to be in the United States. But here in the Big Apple, if you’re a private citizen and want to carry a gun to protect you and your family, sorry, people. The Second Amendment stops at the city line.

Getting back to this ad, the first thought that struck me was the line “it’s illegal to sell a toy gun that looks real.” Perhaps the city fathers are afraid that there are criminals stupid enough to rob folks at gunpoint with a gun that isn’t. But, for New York City officialdom, with its girly-boy mayor Mike and its feminized, nanny state approach to life, a fake gun is really, really scary.

The point is that New York City seems to have an irrational fear of guns. So afraid that people might be taken in by toy guns; so afraid that there might be some criminals actually stupid enough to paint a real gun to look like a toy.

If police are instructed to treat all gun-like things as real guns, then we should see a Darwinian thinning of the criminal herd, as police kill them. Would that this were so, but I’d guess that criminals are smart enough to not use something that looks like a toy in place of something that looks like a gun and can fire real bullets.


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