Green police

This nifty commercial premiered at this year’s Super Bowl. I was watching, and at first thought, “hey, this is a great conservative parody of the Obamatons.” Wrong. It was, and is (I just saw it again this morning) an ad to sell a hugely expensive Audi.

But wait! It’s a GREEN Audi, don’t you see. And, thus, will escape the otherwise all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful green police.

I don’t know what kind of a boot-licking, ass-kissing guilty wealthy person would be persuaded by this frankly scary ad. Would it be someone who truly wants to help “save the environment?” Or, more likely, is it someone with more money than common sense who wants to drive a way-upscale version of the Toyota Pious?

It’s clear that if someone truly wanted to “save the environment,” they’d walk. Preferably while not exhaling, since, after all, that evil carbon dioxide contributes to global warming. Or was that global cooling? It’s soooo confusing; I’ll have my secretary call Al Gore for a clarification, if he’s not getting a “massage.”

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