Democracy bashing

Marriage is the union between one man and one woman, sanctified by God. That’s my understanding, period. But my libertarian side says that marriage can be whatever two consenting adults decide it to be. Or, for that matter, a consenting adult and his pet iguana for all I care. God will judge; I’ve got my own sins to account for. Most importantly, government, at any level, has no business intruding into marriage. On either side.

Look, gays have enough problems without us straights picking on them. But gays, by the same token, ought to bug out of our definition of things. And stop pushing your (literally) God-damned agenda down our throats.

As for that gay judge in California, he declared the California constitution unconstitutional. Sounds wrong when it’s written that way, yet that’s what it was: wrong. That’s no way to run a state, folks. Do gays have a constitutional right to be married? No, just as straights don’t have a “constitutional” right to marriage. Or not be married.

I repeat: marriage is not the business of the state. One way or the other.

One thought on “Democracy bashing

  1. Problem is, the Judge also went further in declaring that the message of organized religion had harmed gays. I’m a bit concerned that if this nonsense is not thrown out on appeal, it will open a door big enough for gay activists to drive through in an “discrimination” offensive against the Church.

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