The Democrat’s house organ, the Washington Post, notes in PostPolitics today that not a few Democrats are going to run against George W. Bush this year.

Yes, we know: Dubya isn’t on the ballot. But he lives on in spirit, going on two years into the Obama reign. Obama is (in)famous for continuing to blame his predecessor for virtually everything, even the oil spill that happened on his watch and under the regulatory eye of his appointee to the Minerals Management Service, the supposed government watchdog over drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

But, no matter what happens, it’s Bush’s fault. 9.5% unemployment, with an effective rate probably higher (those who have simply given up trying to find a job are not counted)? Bush’s fault. Multi-trillion dollar deficits? Bush’s fault. Success in Iraq? Oh, that’s Obama’s responsibility, even though he voted against the Bush troop surge that turned it around.

And so it goes. There’s a name for this: whining. To anyone who is out of work, to any business owner that won’t commit to expansion, and hence new jobs, because of the looming tax tsunami that is likely under Obama, well, they just don’t really care about Bush.

Going on two years in, this is Obama’s recession. The war in Afghanistan is Obama’s war. To blame Bush is bush-league. In a word, it’s whining.


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