“the confirmed unteachability of mankind”

Winston ChurchillGeorge Will, in today’s column, reminds us of one of the great divides between conservatives and liberals. A quotation, attributed to Sir Winston Churchill, says much about Churchill’s greatness as a war leader, and the outlook of today’s leaders who admire the great World War II leader: “the confirmed unteachability of mankind.”

Conservatives, as Churchill was, know that human beings will continue to do stupid and heinous things. Like murder. Like foment hatred and make war on their neighbor. We also know that while there are many good and decent people, human nature has always and will always be prone to mischief and evil.

Not a few liberals, especially of the type that now inhabit the Obama administration, not least the Leftist-in-Charge himself, seem to believe that mankind is malleable, perhaps infinitely so. That, given the right, meaning left, policies, given a sufficiency of government control over everything, people can be made to behave properly.

And, voilà, prosperity will bloom, and all will willingly give up excess wealth for the good of the collective. The Lion shall lay down beside the Lamb, and peace shall reign forever. And so forth, and so on.

Reality and history say otherwise. Mankind being who we are, we were always and always shall be “unteachable” insofar as our basic warlike nature. It’s hardwired, else we’d not have survived as a species.

People such as Obama and his minions seem immune to both experience and common sense. People, gifted by our Creator with free will, will only go along with socialist nonsense for so long. Then the harsh reality will set in: people can not be controlled by government forever.

Americans forget this lesson at their peril.


One thought on ““the confirmed unteachability of mankind”

  1. Love the Churchill quote. I presume you know Netanyahu used it in his speach at the UN.

    Thanks to your post for referencing the Geo Will article. I will read that now.

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