How about a show of good faith?

Picture of the World Trade Center on 9/11 shor...

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The tussle over the planned mosque and Islamic center near Gound Zero is not about religious freedom. It’s about the political statement of a massive Islamic center hard by Ground Zero.

It is not a coincidence that the groundbreaking for the Cordoba center, oh, sorry, that’s too triumphalist, Park51 center, is planned for 9/11/11.

This project is intended as a poke in the eye. Plain and simple. Were it otherwise, surely the promoters of Park51 would be, and very publicly, seeking a more distant site. That they are not speaks either of ego (too proud to admit error) or, my opinion, triumphalism.

Accepting that those who lost friends and family at Ground Zero find this project offensive in the extreme would be a start. Changing the planned site for the project would illustrate that the Islamic center’s proponents were, indeed, attempting to heal wounds caused by those who murder in the name of Islam.

f those who would build this project in lower Manhattan were of good faith, this would be the first step.   The second would be to include spaces within the project for Christians and Jews to worship.  The (apparent) absence of these spaces speaks volumes of the actual mindset of the promoters:  Islamic supremacy.


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