Marco’s exceptionalism

Marco Rubio, Florida Republican & former speak...

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From Marco Rubio’s victory speech:

“My parents grew up in a place like almost anywhere else in the world, where what you are going to accomplish in life and how far you can go is decided for you before you are even born. . . . In almost every other society in all of human history, how far you can go in life is not up to you. It’s decided for you. And that’s the way it still is almost everywhere else on this planet. Except for one place: the United State of America. A place where anyone from anywhere can accomplish almost anything. A place where it doesn’t matter if you weren’t born into a connected family. It doesn’t matter if you don’t run in the right social circles. If you have a good idea and the willingness to work in pursuit of it, you can accomplish anything.

“Sadly, I think sometimes those of us that are born in this country take that for granted. And we believe that that’s the way it is almost everywhere else in the world. It’s not. Now, maybe that’s a lesson I learned young because I’ve been raised in a community of exiles, of men and women who know it is possible to lose your country, and everything you hold dear, a people who understand that this place, this nation is unique, that there has never been anything like this in the history of all of mankind. And even now, even today, with the challenges that we face, there is still no place on Earth that you would rather be, no country on Earth that you would trade places with. But what we must always remember is that this exceptional country of ours — it didn’t happen by accident. This extraordinary country we have didn’t just happen ‘because.’ It happened because the people who were here before us did what they had to do to ensure that their children inherited a better life.”

Marco Rubio is the real deal: an honest conservative who came by his principles the hard way: through who his parents are, through their story in escaping a communist tyranny, through not having had his future handed to him on a silver platter.


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