Obama “is not a true Christian”

Icon of Jesus Christ

Icon of Jesus Christ

From Dr. Michael Youssef on Obama’s Christianity:

Obama may not be a Muslim. But until he comes out and says, “Jesus is the only way to the Father and heaven,” he is not a true Christian either.

Dr. Youssef’s comments are in the context of the apparently cozy relationship between Islamists and so-called mainline Protestant churches. The ones, like the Episcopalians, Jeremiah Wright’s United Church of Louis Farrakhan, er, Jesus Christ, the Unitarians. You know them, the squishes, who essentially reject Christ as Savior.

It is a funny accident of history that those Christians who are today the best supporters of Israel and the Jewish people tend to be folks like me: evangelicals. It is no accident that because we support Israel and the Jews, Islamists detest us. As Dr. Youssef notes, when you declare Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father, you kind of rule out Mohammed and the violent jihad of his followers.

As far as Obama making a declaration of faith, I don’t think it ought be demanded. That would be unamerican, frankly. Sure, I would want my president to be a confessing Christian, but I also would not make the man’s faith a test for holding the office. Not that I’m happy with the incumbent, who is what we used to call in school a sucking up brown-noser to the Muslim world.


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