Hostility earned

The left in America, which by definition includes their cheerleaders in the mainstream media, are pushing the line that Muslims are, take your pick, a) victims of Islamophobia, b) victims of those who “hijack” their faith, c) both.

Emphasis on “victims,” since these days no one, especially no one who is a member of a minority here in America, can be anything but a victim. The obvious corollary? Those awarded official victim status are never, ever, responsible for their own situation.

Thus, according to most on the left, Muslims are not at all responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks every year. No, that’s the fault of “extremists” or, often, America/Israel/the Jews/Christians, take your pick, we’re all guilty. Anyone and everyone except the actual Muslim perpetrators of murder and mayhem.

Classic story along those lines is in today’s WaPo, headlined “Hostility across U.S. jars Muslim college students.” From one whiny Muslim brat at American University (unofficial school motto: we’re just as selective as Syracuse but have fewer Jews”):

Muslims are tired of being lumped together with a tiny minority who have committed terrorist acts, explained Tanim Awwal, 20, the president of AU’s Muslim Student Association.

The whiner then goes on to thank such worthies as Mayor Mike and Barry Hussein.

Plus, the usual blather about how a tiny minority have done bad things, blah blah blah. Not one word about how Muslims are working to eliminate Islamic terror. Not. One. Word.


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