The new basket-weaving?

Back in the day, those of us who took engineering, physics, and math at university would speak of anything lesser as being “basket-weaving 101.” As in, not a true academic discipline. Imagine our surprise when, much later, we discovered liberal arts majors who considered us trained monkeys, suitable only for shop work.

We got the jobs, of course; shop training does have its uses. The basket-weaving majors, er, philosophy/English/French lit etc. folks, on the other hand, lacking actual marketable skills, joined the ranks of the perennially un- or under-employed. That story of the PhD in English Lit who drives a cab is a success story, people.

Now comes the sad story of a professional athlete who has completed a very successful athletic career at Oregon. Four years of eligibility ends so fast; what are you gonna do? I know: let’s enroll at another school now that I’ve “graduated” from Duck School. Oh, and I’ll take the always academically-challenging “Parks and Recreation” at Ole Miss, just so I can play another year at a big football school.

The player’s name is Jeremiah Masoli, and, since he’s a professional athlete, and a good one, I wish him well at his new digs in Oxford. I’m also available as a tutor, should be need one, in Parks and Recreation. Hey, I’ve watched and studied every single episode; it’s one of my favorite shows. How hard could it be to get a degree in such a “discipline?”

Ain’t like it’s astrophysics or neurosurgery, now, is it?


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