Four for a buck?

Obama, attempting to demonstrate that he is a simple man of the people, last week took four apples from a Philadelphia fruit stand and handed the vendor the munificent sum of one dollar. That is one, count them, one, green and gray paper with George Washington’s picture on it.

A U.S. News writer notes the clear case of media bias: had George Bush or virtually any other Republican done this, the MSM would be on them like white on rice.

When Obama did it, it conveys that he’s woefully out of touch with what basics cost, or that he considers that the fruit vendor should consider himself lucky to receive any money from The One.

Actually, I think it’s a combination of both, with more weight on Obama thinking of himself as the salvation of the planet and thus being beneath actually thinking about the costs of the things us mere mortals buy.

Time for a change; start this November, to put the brakes on our slide into the Second-World socialist craphole that Obama appears to want.

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