Veepstakes already?

At Pajamas Media, Myra Adams makes a bold prediction: Obama will dump the Sage of Wilmington and go with Mark Warner, former Virginia governor and current junior senator. I’m not sure it would make a whit of difference.

Mark Warner is likable, although I’ve never found likability a sufficient reason to vote for him here in Virginia.

He is moderate only by comparison with Obama, and he and his successor Gov. Kaine did not do well by my state. They are both tax-and-spend liberals.

Obama will likely not be denied re-nomination by the Democrats; they’re too afraid of a certain racial group that has taken the place of the “Yellow Dog” Democrats that used to inhabit Dixie.

That is, blacks will vote for a black, no matter what he stands for. The Dem leadership knows and fears this fact. The only way for us to be done with Obama is to vote against him in 2012.

As for “the only incumbent president who has ever been denied the nomination by his own party,” I would argue that Gene McCarthy’s challenge to LBJ in 1968 amounted to the same thing: a repudiation by the increasingly anti-war Democrats of a sitting Democrat president.


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