“I can’t lose the whole Democratic party”

“I can’t lose the whole Democratic party” exposes who Obama really is: a craven and crass partisan who does not care about anything but winning elections and holding power. This is the money quotation from the latest Bob Woodward kiss-and-tell book, Obama’s Wars.

As Charles Krauthammer writes today,

Moreover, he [Obama] must find an exit because “I can’t lose the whole Democratic party.” This admission is the most crushing of all.

First, isn’t this the party that in two consecutive presidential campaigns — John Kerry’s and then Obama’s — argued vociferously that Afghanistan was the good war, the right war, the war of necessity, the central front in the War on Terror? Now, after acceding to power and being given charge of that very war, Obama confides that he must retreat lest that very same party abandon him. What happened in the interim? Did it suddenly develop a faint heart? Or was the party disingenuous about the Afghan war all along, using it as a convenient club with which to attack George W. Bush over Iraq, while protecting Democrats from the charge of being reflexively antiwar?

“Disingenuous” sounds ever so much nicer than “lying scum,” don’t you think? The net result, however, remains the same: Obama is putting our men and women in harm’s way strictly for cheap partisan purposes.

I’ve got my doubts that we should be nation building in the drug-producing craphole that is Afghanistan. Those who possibly know more than I, however, insist that it remains in our national security interest to create, if out of whole cloth, a functioning, pro-American democracy there.

Regardless of what I believe, we are in Afghanistan, in large numbers. To the president: get in the fight to win, or abandon the field. Don’t telegraph our punches for mere political expediency. Don’t announce a withdrawal date, or even the beginning of a drawdown. That is preemptive surrender and is the way of the feckless coward.

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