Money; Mouth; Emplacement

As far as the breed goes, West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin is about as good as they get. He’s now running to replace the late Robert Byrd in the U.S. Senate. West Virginia may be what the Creator had in mind when He designed the so-called Blue Dog Democrats: working class, patriotic, socially conservative.

May be; perhaps God was out having a whiskey at the time, because the net result of having allegedly conservative Democrats is…another vote for the Democrat agenda. Which, being, again allegedly, far to the left of the Blue Dogs, makes one question whether there really are any conservative Democrats left.

Enter Joe Manchin, popular governor of West Virginia, trying to square that circle by announcing (according to his campaign, via WSJ) “knowing what he knows now,” he would not have voted for ObamaCare. Uh-huh. Funny, this perfect hindsight.

In reality, Manchin is attempting to have his cake and eat it too. There’s little doubt that, if he joins the Senate, Manchin would become another reliable Democrat vote. He says that now he’s against significant parts of ObamaCare, he’s against cap-and-tax, but I say that in the end he would vote with the Democrats on almost all issues.

The real test of Manchin’s sincerity? The Journal notes, with some dripping acid, that if he remains as Governor,

perhaps Mr. Manchin can act upon his new convictions and join the 19 states that are supporting Florida’s lawsuit against ObamaCare’s constitutionality. So far West Virginia has stayed on the sidelines.

I hope that the people of West Virginia are smart enough to smell a con. And Manchin is attempting to pull off a big one: he was for ObamaCare before he was against it.

Nonsense. If he’s against it, then show it; put your money where your mouth is, Manchin. Man up and do the right thing to protect the working people of West Virginia.


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