Nevada may deserve Harry

It’s no wonder Harry Reid is doing as well as he is in the polls. The choices for Nevadans in the upcoming election are somewhat confusing. It’s not hard to see why “None of These Candidates” is getting 10 percent. You go, Mr. None!

According to the latest CNN/Time poll, one Scott Ashjian, the “Tea Party of Nevada” candidate, is getting support from seven percent of those queried. Perhaps Nevadans are confused, since Sharron Angle was the Tea Party candidate who won the Republican primary. So Ashjian comes across as, well, in it just to elect Harry Reid.

Or maybe Ashjian actually is trying to get Mr. None of the These Candidates elected. If Ashjian siphons off just enough votes so that the people of Nevada re-elect Harry, then how does this speak to anything but Ashjian’s vanity and arrogance?

Hey, Ashjian: butt out, and help elect Sharron Angle, the real Tea Party candidate. Unless, of course, you’re really a stalking horse for Reid.


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