“who by the way served in Vietnam”

James Taranto, Wall Street Journal Online editor, has a great tag line for John Kerry: “the haughty, French-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by the way served in Vietnam.” I don’t know that Kerry is especially “French-looking;” I’m as French-looking, as long as you’re talking the Brittany region, but I digress…

Kerry earned this scorn due to his trashing of his fellow Vietnam vets back in the early 1970s. But, at least, Kerry had served in Vietnam. Fast forward to the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut, and we find a snake running against a wrestling mom. The snake is the long-time Connecticut attorney general, Richard Blumenthal. The wrestling mom is Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Why do I refer to Blumenthal as a snake? Principally because his repeated claim to have served in Vietnam. A lie; a lie that dishonors those who did serve honorably; a lie that dishonors the memory of those who died. Linda McMahon, on the other hand, no matter what else is said, is a successful businesswoman. Who has created jobs.

Blumenthal has destroyed jobs in the Nutmeg State. And, being a snake, has claimed, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, that his many, many lawsuits that target productive folks in Connecticut “actually create jobs.” From the Journal:

We’ve heard of those who believe we can spend our way to prosperity, and others want to inflate our way. But the shovel-ready lawsuit as an economic stimulus is a genuine novelty. Why didn’t Congress think of that?

Perhaps Mr. Blumenthal was inspired by his record of suing telecom companies, computer makers, CD distributors, electronics retailers, drugstore chains, utilities, buyout firms, even mortuaries. If a business has an income statement, Mr. Blumenthal has sent it a subpoena.

The job creation is a little harder to credit, however. There’s the case of toolmaker Stanley Works, which Mr. Blumenthal sued in 2002 to block it from relocating to Bermuda to save $30 million in corporate income taxes. A year later a less competitive Stanley laid off 1,000 workers. His 2003 suit against small business-owner Gina Malapanis inspired a counter-suit, and a jury awarded her $18 million from the state. We could go on.

Richard Blumenthal, who by the way claimed to have but did not serve in Vietnam. Snake.


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