It’s a tax. No, it’s a penalty. No, it’s…

…it’s whatever liberal defenders of the indefensible wish to call it at the moment. It in this case is ObamaCare, the unpopular remaking, by fiat of our Democrat overlords, the health care business in the United States.

That ObamaCare is unpopular is not the real issue. That it is likely an unconstitutional intrusion into the lives of every American is. This is where 20 state Attorneys General come into play, challenging the law in Federal court. Yesterday, a victory on the road to repeal or replacement.

The most egregious violation of ObamaCare is the tax on Americans in the form of the requirement to purchase insurance. This is the first time that Americans have been required to purchase something merely because they were alive. No, car insurance is not the same: you don’t need to buy car insurance if you don’t drive. Now, should this provision of ObamaCare take effect, a tax will be placed on all Americans in the form of the need to purchase insurance.

The Obamatons claimed, from the beginning, that it was not a tax; it was that they would penalty citizens who chose not to purchase health insurance. After all, the Numinous One promised he would not raise taxes on those making less than (here you may fill in whatever number you might have heard; no promises made by Obama mean anything.

One may ask: if it’s not a tax, why is it that enforcement has been delegated to the IRS? Just asking. Getting back to the lawsuit filed by the Attorneys General, the judge in the case agreed with Obama: the individual mandate is not a tax.

As today’s Wall Street Journal editorial puts it in summation:

The legal upshot is that Justice lawyers will have to defend the individual mandate under the Commerce Clause, and Judge Vinson’s ruling seems to indicate that they will need better arguments than they’ve made so far. And rightly so, given the violence ObamaCare does to the government of limited and enumerated powers as envisioned in Article I.

Obama and his minions, along with most Democrats in Congress, have little regard for the Constitution: except when it supports their liberal notions. This will be a most interesting case, when it reaches the Supremes. We will see if the leftists on the court will defend our liberty. I’m not holding my breath.


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