“We have not been the best messengers”

This is the lament of a left-winger, written up sympathetically (of course) in the Washington Post. It’s not the substance, you see; it’s all in the packaging. The lament is from a far-left congresswoman who represents a predominantly African-American district in Maryland. Her sentiments are shared by Jim Moran, the idiot’s idiot, who represents a predominantly guilty white liberal district in Washington, DC-South, a.k.a. Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia.

This un-dynamic duo, presented by the column’s author as being quite different (they’re not; they’re radical peas in a red pod), apparently thinks that things would be much better if a) people weren’t racists,  b) voters weren’t so stupid, c) “ultra-rich” donors did not give so much to those racist tea-partiers, and, d), it’s all in the presentation, you see.

From the WaPo, this excuse, on a par with “the dog ate my voting record:”

Democrats did a lousy job of explaining to voters why bailouts, stimulus spending and other big government programs were necessary to fight the recession.

In fairness to the obvious lefty writing for the WaPo, he does acknowledge that the voters might be on to something:

…the people who are about to vote for the GOP, according to polls, are energized mainly by dissatisfaction with the status quo and dislike of the Democrats’ policies.

However, polls be damned: both the idiotarian congress folk and the column’s author seem to believe that the stimulus (that didn’t) and other massive spending by the government just wasn’t big enough.

Moran and Edwards are excellent messengers. They are true believers, who will never accept that they might be wrong. Unhappily for them and for their fellow socialist Obama, the voters, hearing the clarion call to state control and over-regulation, are not having it.

As hard as it may be for liberal Democrats to accept, many of us pay attention to the substance of policies. And we know what works, and what does not. Two years in, the Obama-Moran-Edwards attempt to turn us into a third-world debtor nation has been noticed for what it is.

To summarize: a dead fish wrapped in a pretty bow still stinks.


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