A good start

As of now, Republicans will gain at least 61 seats in the House of Representatives, allowing for a clear majority. In the Senate, the GOP has gained 6 seats, destroying Harry Reid’s vaunted “filibuster-proof” majority of 60 Senators. All in all, a good night’s work, and one whose fruits will be the ability to stop further socialization of our nation.

That’s the first rule, of course: when you’re in a hole and need to get out, stop digging. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been led, if I may use that word, by ideologues such as Obama and Pelosi, with the assistance of the spineless Harry Reid. These Democrats, along all who toed the Democrat party line, have brought their party to this turning point. And have given strong signals that they intend to keep digging.

It is, however, clear that a fairly large majority of Americans don’t want so much government, and certainly don’t want the ruinous deficits that big government entails. Yesterday’s election was, in large part, the electorate standing athwart the socialist machine and yelling “stop!”

As for rolling back some of the wretched excess that the Democrats have foisted on us, that’s not likely to happen with a leftist ideologically-driven president still in office: he will veto Republican attempts to restore sanity.

Obama may be many things, but he is, above all else, not a humble man. His arrogance will almost certainly not allow him to call retreat, to tack to the center as Bill Clinton did after the 1994 midterms. Not Obama; he’ll simply blame the Republicans for not cooperating with him, for being the “Party of ‘no.'” Mostly, he will continue to blame us, the voters, for being stupid, insufficiently intelligent to grasp Obama’s grand design and continue to worship at his feet.

Unfortunately for Obama’s party, most Democrats will not rise up on their hind legs. They will likely continue to claim, to the folks back in their states and districts, that they really, really oppose socialized medicine, cap-and-tax, you name it. Back in Washington, they will continue to vote for these things.

All of which bodes well for Americans in 2012: we may be able to rid ourselves of this impostor Obama. As National Review’s editors puts it,

The loudest warnings sounding now are the ones the Democrats are, remarkably, still refusing to hear. They continue to assume that the public will come to its senses and the Republican resurgence of the last two years will prove to be an aberration. For the Republicans, that fact is a better portent for 2012 than any of Tuesday’s election returns.

The presidential campaign starts now.


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