$2 billion trip?

Some conservatives have glommed onto the cost of Obama’s 10-day trip to India as being $2 billion. However, it’s clear that the cost of the trip won’t be $200 million per day; that’s ludicrous.

It is however, quite likely that the trip may cost twice what Clinton’s 2000 trip to Africa cost ($42 million), given the heightened security measures put in place since that time. Even if it were to cost the same as ten years ago, $42 million is an unseemly amount for the president to be spending for this purpose at this time.

We still have 9.6 percent unemployment, with underemployment rampant. Hundreds of thousands are facing foreclosure, and growth is anemic at best. There’s a lot of pain out there; we’re still in bad straits economically.

Is this trip really necessary? A president who was even remotely connected to the people would not make it.


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