The Nancy and Harry Horror Show

There’s good news all around this week. Not only did we open a 55 gallon drum of whupass on the Dems, they may even continue to have Nancy Pelosi at the helm as minority boss in the House.

Dems, having lost not a few of the adults of their party who had been in Congress for a long time (especially Ike Skelton and John Spratt), are doubling down to the left. That is, the Democrat minority in the House that is seated next January will be more liberal and less likely to compromise with the Republican majority.

The Senate, while still under Democrat control, is under notice: Americans don’t much like the direction our nation has been hijacked to, these past two years. Tack to the center, give up on Obama & Company’s leftist agenda, or suffer the consequences at the polls. Again.

This makes 2012 look all the better for getting our nation back on track, electing as president someone who knows that America is exceptional, and why that is so.

As Obama does not appear to know or has denied.


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