Where there’s a Hil, there’s a way

Hillary Clinton almost won the Democrat nomination in 2008. There’s a non-negligible chance she’ll gain it in 2012. Principal reason? We, meaning conservatives, came very close to gaining control of the House and Senate this past election. And the House is solidly in our hands, allowing us to put the brakes on Obama and Pelosi’s march to a socialist paradise on earth.

As Obama told us, elections matter, and we’ve won big. The good news? Pelosi will no longer be speaker. Better news? Pelosi will still be the face of the Democrats in the House; she makes our job easier. The best news: Obama is doubling down, calling us ignorant peasants for not listening to him.

All of which brings us to a delicious turn of events: the liberal Democrats eating their young. In this case, one of the mainstream media’s Democrat cheerleaders, Dana Milbank, writing an opinion piece, plaintively wondering, “Would we be better off under a President Hillary Clinton?”

I’m certain that many liberals are having buyer’s remorse with Obama. Sure, his heart’s in the right, meaning left, place. But he is incompetent. He promises; can’t deliver. So, topping even the best news, how about a bruising Hillary-Obama primary tussle in 2012, leading to a Republican victory?


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