Our Indonesian President

Obama, currently renting out the Oval Office to the radical left, is also quite simpatico with the notion that Israel does not have a right to exist. There’s little other reason to suspect that a nominally American leader should have laser-like focus on Israelis moving within their capital city.

This is not a case of two sides being of equal moral stature. The Arabs, except for Jordan and Egypt, do not recognize that Israel has a right to exist. Further, Obama’s pals, the Palestinians, insist that no Jews be allowed to live on what they consider “Arab land.” Nice. This is apartheid by another name, of course. Since it’s just Jews, Obama and his State Department are quite at home with the notion of a judenrein West Bank and Gaza.

Now that Obama is in his old home, he felt he had to mention so-called Jewish settlements, and again chide those pesky Jews for wishing to live in the City of David. The odd focus of Obama on Jewish construction within Jerusalem has led him to whine about it in front a muslim nation that he happens to be visiting on our dime tens of millions of dollars: Indonesia. This is, of course, a friendly audience. They don’t even allow Israelis to visit their lovely nation.

One might think that an American president would mention this fact while in Indonesia. But that would be something only an American might think of. And Obama was raised in…Jew-hating Indonesia.


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