Larry Sabato may believe, with substantial reason to back it up, that in his piece’s title, “It’s “Otb” Time: One-Term Barack.”

Non-U.S. Senators Angle and O’Donnell should be a reminder that we Republicans are quite good at pulling defeat from the jaws of victory.

Look, I tend to agree with both Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell on most issues, just as I agree with the one woman credibly discussed as the Republican nominee in 2012: Sarah You-Know-Who.

Will Obama be a one-term mistake, a Jimmy Carter but without the charm (darn, where’s that /sarcasm html code when you need it?). At least I sincerely hope that Americans of all political persuasions recognize that Obama is not worthy to be our president, that he is no leader, and that an American president should never, ever, denigrate his nation before anyone, let alone foreigners.

How to succeed at the polls in ’12? Follow the sage advice of the late William F. Buckley: Republicans should nominate the most conservative candidate who is electable.

Let’s repeat that last for emphasis: who is electable. Right now, that does not look like Sarah Palin. Chris Christie on the other hand…


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