Lame and undemocratic

The lame duck session of the 111th Congress is even lamer than usual: a collection of soon-to-be unemployed Democrats, a House Speaker about to become minority leader, a Senate about to become almost evenly divided. But that must wait for noon on January 3, 2011.

For now, the 111th limps along, with the Democrat leadership attempting one last gasp at passing leftist laws and increasing our debt. Yes, the 111th is legally entitled to attempt to pass such things as the Surrender To the Russkies Treaty, the amnesty act for illegal immigrants (so-called DREAM act), extend unemployment benefits for two hundred years or the death of the unemployed’s great-grandchildren, whichever comes last. Oh, yes, if they get to it, raise taxes on the minority of Americans who still pay such things.

They are legally entitled to do all these things. Not, however, that doing so is morally or ethically proper. Regardless of whether it’s the Republicans or Democrats who have been booted out, the operative phrase is “booted out.” The electorate has voted, and stood athwart the leftist bulldozer and said, “Stop!” But then, the bloated corpse of leftist zombies does have an unholy life after death, and the Nancy and Harry Horror show will attempt to zombie on.

The fact that most Americans disapprove and disagree with Nancy and Harry’s agenda does not register with most Democrats. The ones who will remain in Congress when the 112th is seated next January 3rd may be able to read the tea leaves, and just let their so-called leaders play-act at being in charge.

Because Botox Nancy and Harry Reid are not really in charge. Americans now seem to have awakened from their poppy-induced ObamaSlumber. And make no mistake: 2010 was but the first election of an awakened American majority. Smart Democrats must know that the 2012 election is right around the corner, and we Americans know now what they are doing.


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