Zombie congress

More on our beloved solons, meeting in the post-election lame duck session.

STARTing to DREAM, they are. Idiots; haven’t figured out that when you’re in a hole and want to get out, stop digging. And yet the Donks go ahead and keep Nancy Botox as their leader. Excellent; the Republican caucus stood and cheered at this news. We would love to run against Nancy and Barry come 2012.

As for the new harm these zombies in Congress might do, it’s unrealistic to expect the Nancy and Harry Horror Show to go with reduced spending. Keeping the tax rates where they are? I smell a compromise (keeping the rates the same only for those who are not “rich”), which we will have to fix come January.

Let the Zombie Congress twitch and moan in its final unholy un-dead death throes. Come January, when we take back the House and have cowed the Democrats in the Senate into compliance with the will of the American people, we can get down to undoing ObamaCare and serving as a true check and balance on our “brilliant” “intellectual” president.


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