Thought experiment

This video should convince even the stupidest dolt now serving Master Obama that the current kabuki theater at airports is offensive and an ineffective waste of limited security resources.

Of course, this toddler does resemble Timothy McVeigh, the only “Christian” terrorist that anyone can dredge up. Resembles in the minimalist fashion of being white. God forfend that we insult the Religion of (body) Pieces by profiling young Middle Eastern-appearing men. You know, actual terrorists in this century. Oh no, that might be effective. In simple words that even Janet Napolitano might understand, “look for bad people, not just bad things.”

No, we’re not going to dare to insult any flying imams of other followers of Islam. That might be effective. As for the offenses against our liberty posed by the current system, a thought experiment: suppose these things had come to light under President Bush.

Remember the Patriot Act of 2001? Lefties of all stripes were whining about the end of civilization as we know (here’s an example from the deep blue enclave of the Washington, D.C. suburbs); the apocalypse, all of our freedoms just flushed down the memory hole. That was nine years ago, and we still seem to have the ability to protest our government.

Now we’ve got TSA’s minions having their way with our private parts. This is a true insult to personal dignity. But guess who’s defending it? Yep; lefties, especially Obama and his minions. But, after all, Obama has told us that he, our Dear Leader, does not have to undergo the indignity of having his august person touched by a mere mortal.


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