Tim McVeigh, yet again

This morning, John Pistole, head of TSA, appeared on Fox and, in response to a question about profiling, wheeled out yet again that tired whine that not all terrorists fit the profile.

The profile, that is, of 16-45 year old Muslim men of Middle Eastern appearance. Let’s be clear: even with profiling, we’re still going to need physical screening and some intrusive pat-downs. But we’ll need much less such screening if we simply apply common sense and don’t put the elderly or very young through this insult to human dignity.

Tim McVeigh (1995), the unibomber (1978-1995), and the Atlanta Olympics bomber (1996-1998) were trotted out by Pistole (). As they are routinely trotted out by this administration’s apologists. As if the three or so terror plots of the past 30 years not planned by Muslims and not, by the way, targeting aviation, somehow means we can’t look hard at the group that has committed or planned virtually every act of aviation terror that targeted American interests.

Profiling is a time-tested way to catch criminals. It will also work against terrorists. That not all terrorists will be caught by profiling is likely true, but it also quite likely that it would catch an overwhelming majority.

Combining behavioral screening and giving TSA access to all relevant data, and hiring competent security professionals (not the high-school dropouts who appear to be staffing our airports) will give us far better security than the current unsatisfactory system.


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