Reality Czar

Peggy Noonan gives us today an amusing bit on Obama’s “special assistant for reality.” That reality czar would serve as the person who whispers in the Numinous One’s jug ears what he might not want to hear: that Americans are fed up with getting their private parts groped by TSA’s minions.

Since Obama lives in a presidential bubble, he’s not at all inconvenienced by what thee and me must endure merely to exercise our right to travel about. Assuming that you’re not an Islamic terrorist, of course, but we mustn’t pick on these poor misguided souls who have “hijacked” the “religion of peace.”

No, The Numinous One has told us he has not “personally experienced some of the procedures that have been put in place by TSA.” As if TSA was not a government agency and part of the Obama administration. And, after all, how could we possibly call Obama to task for offenses against us committed by his people at TSA?

Yes, indeed. Obama truly needs a truth-teller, a reality czar, someone who knows something about what’s happening in America. An actual American, as opposed to the terrorist-lovers and would-be communists that inhabit his administration.


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