Oh whisky! soul o’plays and pranks

Not much going on; just the usual Congressional circus, with the Donks attempting to pass everything near and dear to them in these last few weeks of the year.

On a much more important topic, whisky, I leave you with this poem from Scotland’s national poet, Robbie Burns (1759-1796):

Oh whisky! soul o’ plays and pranks!
Accept a bardie’s gratefu’ thanks!
When wanting thee, what tuneless cranks
Are my poor verses!
Thou comes – they rattle in their ranks,
At ither’s arses!
Fortune! if thou but gie me still
Hale breeks, a scone, an’ whisky gill,
An’ rowth o’ rhyme to rave at will,
Tak a’ the rest,
An’ deal’t about as thy blind skill
Directs thee best.

For what it’s worth, I’ve always wondered about that spelling of whiskey:” turns out that by custom, only Scotch whisky loses the “e.” The Bourbon and Irish and Tennessee products I drink are spelled, properly, with the “e.” There’s a rumor that there is also such a thing as “Canadian whiskey,” but this sound so bizarre as to be unbelievable…


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