Almost too good to be true

In the “Are you kidding me?” department, we have one Michael Lerner, a left-wing rabbi, opining that Obama has to move to the left in order to be re-elected.

Lerner’s thesis is that Obama

has little chance of winning reelection unless he enthusiastically embraces a populist agenda and worldview – soon. Yet there is little chance that will happen without a massive public revolt by his constituency…

As the recent elections should have informed Lerner, there already has been a “massive public revolt.” And it was against the socialist direction Obama tried to push the country. But lefties are notoriously deaf to anything but an affirmation of that which they already believe.

So what does Lerner propose? Let’s challenge Obama for the nomination from the left. In FantasyLeftWorld, here are some of the things that challengers should espouse:

  • immediate end to the presence of U.S. troops, advisers and private U.S.-based security firms in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan
  • replace the “war on terror” with a Global Marshall Plan that roots homeland security in a strategy of generosity and concern for the well-being of everyone on the planet
  • a massive jobs program
  • a freeze on mortgage foreclosures
  • a national bank that would offer interest-free loans to those seeking to create or expand small businesses
  • a strong tax on carbon emissions
  • immediate prosecution of those government employees involved in torture or cover-ups to justify the invasion of Iraq
  • corporations to prove every five years to a jury of ordinary citizens that they have a satisfactory history of environmental responsibility

Some of the names proposed as possible challengers are quite funny: Alan Grayson, Maxine Waters, Jim Moran. As fine a collection of leftwing specimens as you may find not kept in nuthouses. As Billy Crystal might say, “Mahvelous!”

If I were conspiracy-minded, I’d smell a rat: what better way to engender mainstream sympathy for Obama than to come at him from this communist perspective? Gosh, Obama would look ever-so-much more like a moderate if that happens. However, I do believe that Lerner is sincere in his nonsense.

Go for it, I say.


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