Winners, whiners, and losers

The recent moves in Congress were clear victories for the American people and the GOP. They were the extension of the Bush tax cuts for two years, and the torpedoing of a vile, overstuffed pile of rotting pork in the so-called Omnibus bill. This latter was as egregious violation of the mid-term elections, and poke in the eye to the American people.

On the tax cuts, Obama may claim victory, but he had to lead his party over a bridge too far for his lefty base. Further, he’s got a major case of cognitive dissonance going into the 2012 presidential election: if there’s anything he claims to have hated, it was those dread pirate Bush tax cuts. Finally, Obama’s nastiness and over-inflated ego were on full display during his graceless announcement of the tax deal made with the GOP this past week. He looked small; the Republicans looked powerful.

Although there is at least one conservative pundit who thinks that Obama has improved his chances at re-election because of his perceived tack towards the center, the reality appears to be he had no choice. Could we Republicans have gotten a better deal had we stonewalled and scuttled the deal? Probably, but at some cost to the average American taxpayers, who need both some measure of certainty and lower taxes.

Obama will not lose his base; as Dr. K points out, they’ve nowhere else to go. As for the middle, I’d like to think that most Americans can spot a phony in a heartbeat. And it’s hard to conjure up something phonier than Barack Hussein Obama posing as a moderate. Come January, when Republicans take over the House and further weaken the Democrats in the Senate, Obama will no longer be able to turn to his Congressional handlers to get his socialist agenda passed.

Mark my words: Obama does not work well under pressure and can not abide sharing power. He can pretend to be a centrist once or twice, but his lack of conviction will manifest itself, as it did this week. In 2011, Obama will have to do more than pretend to be a centrist; he’ll actually have to become one. I don’t see this happening.

As for the recent events in Congress, we’ve got clear winners: the American people and the GOP. We’ve also got whiners: Nancy Pelosi, Obama, and Harry Reid. They also happen to be the losers, along with virtually all Democrats in Congress.


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