Lesson unlearned

Obama had a good week. The country not so much. What the lame ducks in Congress, with much prodding from Obama, “accomplished,” is a thin gruel of feel-good things with little lasting impact. On the big-ticket item, extending the Bush-era tax rates, they lost. Big time.

Oh, the screechers in the gay lobby are happy (hey, aren’t they always gay?); they got rid of the stupid “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Which did not prevent gays from serving, with honor, in the armed forces. Look, if you’re going to let women in, there’s no longer any sexual tension-based reason not to let gays serve openly.

The other major “victory” for the Obambis? A bad treaty with an old enemy, which, thanks to the valiant efforts of Senator McCain, should not hobble our anti-missile efforts too much. The new START is a classic example of repeating the past because you’re afraid of anything new. In the case of the anti-defense Democrats, which is to say most of them, anything that appears to hobble the United States is a good thing.

Getting back to Obama, he took an ungracious victory lap, which has caused even one of his cheerleaders in the WaPo to complain that Obama is back to being his preening, messianic true self:

The frantic worries of recent weeks of a “failed one-term presidency” (as Katrina vanden Heuvel warned) were overstated. But now Obama’s return to messianic status – his campaign-style event to sign the “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal on Tuesday was held in the Interior Department auditorium to accommodate the huge and raucous crowd – risks unlearning the valuable lesson in humility.

Obama, for the third time in three years, again promised to pivot and focus on jobs. Uh huh. Just like he didn’t do when he said he would upon ascending the the presidency, when he focused on socializing health care.

The good news for Americans? If Obama is that easily relieved of his perceived need to be a centrist, then he will revert back to his socialist, unamerican roots. And will again be “shellacked,” this time when he fails to win re-election.

That would be the real win for the country.


One thought on “Lesson unlearned

  1. Poor McCain, he lost the election, because of his choices and now he is like a fish out of water by all his flip, flops on DADT, what a true hypocrite, he should move himeself into a old farts home. We all know that he is a member of the “Gay Old Party” GOP.

    McCain Hardball Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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