The WaPo has a plaintive whine in their Style section: hardly anyone watches women’s sports. The taking-off point for this article? This:

With its victory over Florida State on Tuesday, the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team won its 89th straight game, breaking one of the most hallowed records in intercollegiate sports, the UCLA men’s streak of 88 straight victories from 1971 to 1974 under legendary coach John Wooden.

The article then goes on to bemoan the fact that very few people actually watch women’s intercollegiate sports. Or, I might add, any other women’s sports, but I digress.

Title IX, with the best of intentions, has resulted in colleges markedly cutting back on men’s sports. Why? Because if the college fields a men’s team, they, generally under Title IX, must also field a comparable women’s team.

Now, anyone who has ever watched a big-time NCAA basketball game will know in a nanosecond that the women’s game is far inferior. I doubt that any women’s team, even the vaunted UConn girl Huskies, could beat even an unranked Division III men’s team. This isn’t sexist, it’s just a truism: women are not as fast, strong, or big as men. And, sorry, a woman who is faster, stronger, and bigger than most men is simply a statistical outlier, not the basis for a sports team. It should be clear that any sport that depends on athletic attributes will favor men, period. That is not sexism, it’s realism.

By the way, I was watching ESPN, and, since they are as politically correct as any of the mainstream media, they just had to dwell on the UConn women’s 89th victory. Not that they would have any wins if they had to compete with men’s teams. And watching the women play was painful; it was pretty clear not one could make the traveling squad of a Division I team.

In fact, except for helping to kill some men’s sports at colleges, women’s sports is pretty much a yawner. An inferior product that few watch.


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