Or is it the teleprompter?

A lot of folks are enamored of our president’s academic background: Columbia, Harvard (The University of Michigan of the East!), Editor of the Harvard Law Review (hey, I don’t need to publish anything, I’ve got a title!). Whether Barry was strictly an affirmative action student is unclear; he won’t release any transcripts of his grades.

Whether he was an affirmative action student or not, he has become president without much of a visible record, and most liberals seem just fine with this. Obama’s actual associations are radical (terrorists and anti-Semites galore), and his politics are also quite left-wing. But, hey, he’s a member of an approved minority group, so telling the truth about him is…racist.

One potential opponent in the 2012 election will not be at all shy about this: Sarah Palin. While I don’t think she will run, it is clear that the left fears her mightily. Else why the non-stop demonization; else why the constant derision of her intellect or university background?

The latest lefty to base his opinions on wishful thinking (Obama The Genius; Palin the Dunce) is Juan Williams. On Fox News Sunday, he said that Sarah Palin “can’t stand on the intellectual stage” with Obama.

Hmm. Was that Sarah Palin against the Obama teleprompter? In an actual debate, Palin would tear Obama a new one. She may say things you don’t agree with, but she has a presence that is indisputable. And she can think on her feet. Obama’s presence is also great, except when he has to speak extemporaneously. His every other utterance is “umm” or another meaningless verbal tic.

Is Obama smarter than Palin? Perhaps, but it is bracing to remember that the smartest president we’ve had in a long time was Jimmy Carter. How’d that work out for us?


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