Bromancing the Taliban

Colman McCarthy, peacenik extraordinaire, still believes that we can invite our enemies to a university seminar and talk them out of doing harm. In a piece in today’s WaPo, he gives his “reasoning,” if that it may be called, since it is self-contradicting.

The starting point is the fact that repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has removed the fig-leaf of rational opposition to ROTC units on some university campuses. Many on the Left said they were opposed to ROTC due to gay servicemen not be able to serve out of the closet.

Oopsy, looks like now the Left has to fall back on hatred of all things military. McCarthy, as do many others on the Left, routinely, and falsely in my opinion, always claim “we hate war, but we support the troops!” No. You can’t do so logically. Like it or not, our military has as its primary purpose killing the enemy. No war, no need for a military. When there is war, as there is now, one must support that war to support our troops.

But McCarthy writes that the military is a “foul idea,” but then contradicts this when he writes “I admire those who join armies…” One does not normally “admire” those who promote or serve a “foul idea,” and what kind of support is it to damn the whole military enterprise that our soldiers have volunteered for?

Had he stopped right there, and not contradicted himself with his “foul idea” smear, it would not have given away his entire game: which is not that he is just against war, but he is a moral cipher who doesn’t know the difference between shit and shinola. Consider the entirety of his “admire” statement:

I admire those who join armies, whether America’s or the Taliban’s.

We needn’t dwell at length on the heinous agenda of the Taliban and how they treat women, homosexuals, and, for that matter, all who are not Muslim and many who are. Suffice to simply state that they are as evil as any movement gets, and no one can serve such an ideology with honor. Period. Not much to “admire” there. Perhaps McCarthy admires that deftness with which the Taliban cuts off hands or heads?

So-called pacifists such as McCarthy are not just anti-American. They are monstrous hypocrites and, frankly, idiots if they can not distinguish between our troops and the Taliban.


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