It’s all a Zionist plot

Whenever you think that people can’t get any stupider, along comes this from Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal. He illustrates just how stupid some Arabs can be, with the launching point the latest anti-Christian atrocity in the Muslim world: the Alexandria, Egypt murder of Coptic Christians on New Year’s Eve. Who’s the blame? From the article:

Essam El-Irian, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, says that while he believes “the Israeli Mossad was behind the incident,” he won’t rule out the possibility that al Qaeda itself may now be under Israeli operational control. And in a bid for Christian-Muslim unity, Gamal Assad, a Christian member of Egypt’s parliament, accuses the perpetrators of “carrying out a Zionist scheme aimed at fragmenting the Arab region as a whole.”

Yes, of course. Al Qaeda is controlled by Israel. And, hey, that Gamal Assad: some Christian. Just loves the original sons of Abraham. Gamal, of course, does mean “camel” in Arabic. Wonder which end he most resembles? His brain is certainly camel dung.

There is no excuse for such hate, but it does illustrate that there is little hope for true peace in the Middle East. And it’s nothing to do with Israel. It’s all to do with the hateful stupidity of the Arabs.


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